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ZoneMinder 1.36.26 The Memory Remains Released

# Changes since 1.36.25

- Fix https://github.com/ZoneMinder/zoneminder/issues/3580 Export page broken due to type on dateTimeFormater => dateTimeFormatter
- Restore the integer value returned for status on API MonitorsController to per 1.36.16 value. The values got shifted due to making 0 = Unknown instead of negative 1.
- Only init the bootstrap table of events on watch view if the user has permission to view events. This prevents endless logging of insufficient permissions errors.
- Add fade to the logout modal which for some reason fixes it not showing after a cancel
- Specify that only main page content tables should have the first column be min-width: 300px. This was affecting the logout dialog table content when viewing the monitor edit view.
- fix export from event view
- Only try to set TIMEZONE when loading dateTimeFormatter if it is set and handle the exception when any of TIMEZONE or LOCALE are invalid.
- Fix values in LOCALE_DEFAULT dropdown in options.
- Add libio-interface-perl to dependencies. Fixes https://github.com/ZoneMinder/zoneminder/issues/3577
- Show the Reboot control when it is enabled without wake, sleep or reset.


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