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ZoneMinder 1.36.25 The Memory Remains Released

Changes since 1.36.24

- add build for ubuntu kinetic
- fix javascript error on zone edit
- fix deprecation error on php8 due to implicit conversion to integer when displaying event duration
- Update ZM_MIN_RTSP_PORT description
- fix some javascript errors during page transition
- Ignore errors when decoding log message
- add detection of out of order packets from ffmpeg
- Keep track of max_keyframe_interval and log it when complaining
- fix hang during logrotate due to waiting in packetqueue for decode
- Remove warning about maxImageBuffer. Will be handled better in queuePacket.
- Fix snapshot jpeg not being created early enough
- finally fix (we think) hung zmu/zms processes due to race in db thread creation.
- Update material icons to v1.11.10
- Add a button to event view to jump to this event time in montage review
- fix different button heights when using font awesome vs material icons
- Add a back to frames button from frame view
- Use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST or HTTP_X_FORWARDED_SERVER if present to get correct hostname to use when behind a reverse proxy.
- Handle case where time_base is not set in the codec. Fixes h265 not playing through zms
- When there are less than 3 storage areas, just list them in the header instead of making it a dropdown
- fix problems with migrateHash


Full Changelog: